This mentorship program is all about the business of yoga - embracing individuality (values, purpose, goals, boundaries), growing your community (online and IRL), creating quality content (VOD, courses, workshops), marketing yourself and your unique brand (social media), pricing your offering (business coaching), managing your business online (tools & tips), and more!

What is Root to Rise Mentoship?

Mariel Witmond and Angela Pham created the Root to Rise Mentorship to help yoga teachers like you create their dream business. This program gives you the tools, guidance, and support to become confident, engaged yoga business leaders.

In this 6 week program, we focus on guiding you from business plan to implementation. Each week has a unique focus that sets you up for aligned and purposeful action to launch your yoga business.

Who is this for?

→ Yoga teachers with a lot of certifications, but never made it a career

→ Yoga teachers that want to take their yoga business to the next level

→ Yoga teachers new and recently teaching who would like to get expert advice