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In 2015 I left 11 years of high stress corporate work for the opportunity to focus on myself and start living the life I wanted. I had been taking attention deficit medication called Concerta (an adult form of Ritalin) for 10 years and the day I left my company, I decided to quit cold turkey, without consulting a doctor first. I knew taking Concerta was just blanketing problem and it was a very addictive blanket at that. Concerta was essentially like taking speed – it gave me energy, kept me thin, and allowed me to get my job done.

Though quitting was absolutely the right decision for me, the way I did it had some debilitating after-effects. The shock on my body left me exhausted, sleeping long nights and napping hours throughout the day. I felt sluggish and low, my brain was always foggy and the temptation to go back to using Concerta was a daily battle. In the midst of this struggle I had also just found out that I suffered from Hashimotos, an autoimmune disease where your thyroid is slow and not working as it should (hypothyroidism). Here are some shockers I found out about having an under-active thyroid: it can drastically affect your energy levels, it can negatively alter your weight, skin and hair, and the most frightening for me and the stage I was at in my life was knowing that it can cause infertility and miscarriages. It is devastating to think that some women experience the trauma of a miscarriage because of a condition they may not know they have, which happens to be treatable. I am now on medication for life, but at least I am aware of my situation and addressing it – both naturally and through my medication.

In addition to this, after years of stress, moving on autopilot and not tuning in to my own personal wellbeing, by the age of 31 I had a 3 cm hernia and gastritis – which still rears its angry head from time to time causing the most excruciating stomach pains I have ever experienced.

So this is what can happen when you don’t look after yourself. This is also what became the beginning of my journey with nutrition and passion for overall wellbeing. Nutrition isn’t only about the food you eat. How you feel affects the foods you eat, and vice versa. In order to live your best life, we must take into account all of the influencing factors and work our way from the inside out.

Nutrition can transform your life and I’m excited to share all that I have learned with you here. I also offer health coaching combined with life coaching, should this be an area of your life you would like to focus on. Let’s get started!

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