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"You can change the world by changing yourself." – Rumi

Mindful Sonder is the conscious awareness that we all have, and all are, living our own personal truths. Working the mind, body and spirit, I take a holistic approach to wellbeing, which manifests itself for me in three areas: Life Coaching, Nutrition and Yoga. Get your FREE introductory session today!

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I became a yoga teacher in the hopes of sharing with others the countless ways that yoga has positively impacted my...

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Life Coaching

The job of a Life Coach is to walk beside you, helping you to build your own inner resources. Though Life Coaching...

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Mentoring gives you the tools, guidance, and support to become confident, engaged yoga business leaders.

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30 Day Challenge

Home to Wholeness

This past year has been challenging us to FEEL, because it is only through feeling (the good, the bad, and everything in between), and through connecting with ourselves, that we can return home to ourselves. This 30 Day Challenge has been designed to help you on your journey back to yourself, through coaching, meditation, breathwork and movement. When you opt in to my monthly online subscription (only £18), not only do you get access to this 30 Day Challenge but also over 100 on demand yoga videos!

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Learning to Live On Our Own Terms

There’s a lot of pressure, on and off the mat, to look and be a certain way. Sometimes we struggle to know whe...

Beneath the Surface

Beneath the surface is a highly sensitive person that was told most of her life she was too emotional. In turn...

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How does social media trigger you?

Towards the end of last year I spent a lot of time looking at themes of people pleasing, boundaries and impost...

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Surrender Begins Where Effort Ends

Throughout life we are presented with struggles and our minds do everything in their power to avoid them. We i...

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